Thursday, 9 October 2014

Professional yet pretty...

Hello again! 

I've slowed down on the posts as I've been focusing on my upcoming show at Grand Designs Live in Birmingham!

I'm going as part of Greenform Design Architects, so I need to look professional, but that doesn't necessarily mean boring. 

I painted my nails in a pale grey, then dotted them in white with my smallest dotting tool. I think the spotty nail designs are my favourite, I love a good polka dot :) 

How cute are those tiny dots!!

Funnily enough, the post came whilst I was painting my nails, and he delivered my other nail - type purchase! 

These are my new nail striper brushes I bought from Amazon for a matter of pence from China. Some people worry about the quality of these cheap items, but I've bought literally hundreds of items from China. Varying from watches to nail stuff, from kitchen bits to sewing equipment. I've never had a problem! 

What's your best bargains?

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